Hi, My name is Cathy Wang.
People on the internet call me cathycracks.

Dreamer of the future. Cathy is always looking for ways to apply design thinking to solve complex problems. Cathy builds businesses and open new markets based on the belief that the design thinking can really change the world. She has worked across the globe in North America, EU, and MENA serving the world’s biggest corporations providing innovation consulting.

Cathy can be found mostly in London, building future-forward vision and foster sustainable innovation ecosystem through her work in organisational transformation. She also acts as advisor for various startups. 

She practices and talks about business strategy and service design, with a focus on human emotion.

I discover opportunities with a focus on finding ways to support innovation development while feeding back to the larger eco-system. I believe that technology is the fundamental driver for growth and meaningful social impact.

I received my BSc in School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Interaction Design in year 2005 in Vancouver, Canada.

Some interesting things that I have done / been doing these days aside from doing digital transformation work:

I designed multiple award-winning products and services. I am excited by elegant and holistic solutions.

I am fluent in English and Mandarin, conversational in Japanese. Learning Italian and Arabic.
Born in Taiwan, grew up in Vancouver, Canada.
Lived in Hokkaido Japan and Tallinn Estonia. Nomad through Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Dubai.

These days I call London home.

  • Visiting Lecturer for School of Creative Arts.
    University of Hertfordshire | 2014
  • Introduction to Service design for Translink

    Translink, corporate workshop | 2012
  • Building User Experience

    Tallinn Technical University, guest lecture | 2010
  • Podcast Clinic
Yaris works, Toyota event, workshop. Seattle | 2007
  • Podcast on the floor

    Innotech, workshop. Portland | 2006